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Description The R&D Product Development intern gains cross-functional experience and leads an independent project that will make a direct impact to the business. The intern is responsible for the support of Product Innovation & Development groups in the areas of new product development, product improvement, cost reduction, product maintenance, R&D lab operations and maintenance, sensory testing, and technical support to Marketing, Sales, and Operations. Prepares experimental formulas and develops processes as instructed, reports and documents results, progress reports and any production hurdles or problems Leads independent study project from start to finish throughout internship with presentation of results to management Carries out cooking and/or testing instructions as directed and documents sensory attributes and reconstitution methods such as baking temperature and time Assists in development and analysis of ingredients for product improvements and line extensions Assists with cost saving initiatives by identifying or creating substitute ingredients and processes Conducts food quality and safety validation tests to support projects for launch and marketing Assists with nutritional and wellness initiatives by formulating new product components Assists with the gathering and preparation of testing methods according to specifications or develops testing methodologies in lab Keeps R&D lab area and equipment clean and operational according to cleaning and operational instructions Qualifications Education: Currently enrolled in college degree program in Food Science, Dairy Science, Grain Science, Culinology or related field. Junior or senior status and GPA of 3.0 or higher preferred. Years of Related Experience: 0-2 years related experience. Knowledge/Skills/Abilities: Ability to effectively work in a team environment Solid problem solving skills Solid mathematical skills including algebra, percentage, fractions, and word problems High degree of motivation and an eagerness to learn are required EOE

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Intern Product Development

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