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Intern Curator - Online content for kids (Herndon) Looking for an Intern for Content Curation Company Description: Playrific (playrific.com) is a five-year-old multi-media content aggregation and publishing company. We serve families and schools by presenting Internet content in a simple format, organized so that children can explore on their own. Tasks - Source online content (videos, games, websites...) for children - Enter content in our database/library - Create and update sets of content - Test existing sets of content, on various platforms (Android, iOS, PC) - Most tasks are computer based. Skills - Comfortable and fluent with a computer, of course - Domain knowledge, Internet sourcing - Basic HTML code preferred - basic knowledge of Photoshop or other photo editing package - Knowledge and understanding of children interests and current shows, characters, books, music... that children enjoy today Requires: - Your own computer - Internet connection when working remotely/from home Work on site (Herndon) : 1-2 days per week to get started and trained. Once completely trained, need to commute to work on site will decrease. It's the perfect job for someone looking to work mostly from home, students, young mothers.... Flexible hours. Pay: $15/hour with opportunities to increase. Part time. Location: Herndon, VA for training and reporting - Otherwise, telecommuting (working from home) is fine. Reports to the Director of Content Location: Herndon Compensation: $15/hour with opportunities to increase.

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Intern Curator - Online content for kids

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