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Accounting and Finance Fall 2012 Accounting Intern - Philadelphia Union (Chester, PA) Accounting Intern Accounts Payable • Responsible for all aspects of the A/P process including: Invoice Classification, System Entry, Approval Process, Proofing, and Delivery • Once checks are cut and sent out, invoices must be filed by year, company, and vendor Amex Reporting • Receive monthly Amex (American Express) report for the nine company credit cards (Excel Format) • Report will need to be formatted by cardholder then date. All transactions for a given cardholder will be cut into an Amex template and send to the appropriate party for GL coding • Once all reports have been coded and returned, review all GL codes to ensure correct placement based on 2012 department budgets—Keep an eye out for any fraudulent, phony, or odd charges • Re-Classification—From each report cut the transaction date, GL code, and subaccount; and paste into Amex ReClass sheet. Ensure total for each cardholder in the ReClass sheet matches that of original statement Team Operations • Track all team expenses relating to new players, road trips, and other travel-related costs. This requires an ongoing knowledge and familiarity with the MLS Collective Bargaining Agreement—Read upon arrival Banking • Commute between various local banks to make deposits for the 11 company accounts, withdrawals for player per diem and petty, and other banking inquiries as needed • Collect monthly bank statements for reconciliation Involvement with Other Departments • Ongoing collection and disbursement of w9 tax forms, suite lease contracts, and corporate sponsorships • Assist Finance Controller will any and all tasks related to HR, Payroll, Insurance, etc.—Usually Microsoft Excel-related • Assist in actual vs. budget analysis of various departments and corporate revenues and expenses

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Fall 2012 Accounting Intern

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