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Job Title: KITSAP FOOD CHAIN INTERN Closing Date/Time: Continuous Salary: $14.79 Hourly Job Type: Extra Help - Temporary Location: Admin Bldg, 619 Division St, Port Orchard, Washington Print Job Information | Apply GENERAL STATEMENT Benefits Supplemental Questions The Kitsap Food Chain initiative was developed by Commissioner Charlotte Garrido in 2009 to bring together farmers and food-related businesses, consumers, non-profits, and local government around building a sustainable local food system for Kitsap County. Kitsap County used grant funding received from the US Department of Energy as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) to develop energy efficiency projects toward the following goals: Increase the creation and purchase of local goods and ingredients; Increase understanding of energy use and conservation opportunities in the food system; and Reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions associated with food chain operations. The ARRA funding helped develop a Food & Farm Policy Council, provide free energy assessments and rebates for installing energy efficient equipment, administer a conservation tillage program, and provide soil testing to reduce over-application of nitrogen based fertilizers at local farms and gardens. For more information on these programs, please visit the links below. Kitsap Food Chain, Food & Farm Policy Council: http://kitsapfoodchain.org/ Kitsap Energy Assessments & Rebates: http://www.kitsapgreen.org/eecbg.htm#KITSAP_FOOD_CHAIN Kitsap County Conservation Tillage Program: http://county.wsu.edu/kitsap/agriculture/Pages/KitsapCountyConservationTillageProgram.aspx TASK DELIVERABLE 1. Develop and administer a survey for participants in the Energy Assessment program to document the following: their level of satisfaction with the assessment and the data contained in their assessment; whether the information was helpful to them and the energy conservation of their business; and if/how they plan to move forward on their recommendations. Develop and administer a survey to all 8 participants. Summary report outlining survey results, recommended improvements for future assessment efforts, etc. 2. Review existing energy assessment/rebate and conservation tillage programs and identify remaining opportunities and next steps to further our goals to: increase local purchasing as much as possible, train local people on energy efficiency and conservation in the food chain, and reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions in food system operations. Summary report outlining strengths/weaknesses of current programs, training opportunities and partners, and recommended next steps for continuing the goals of each program at the conclusion of ARRA funding. 3. Develop list of future programs and projects designed to marry the concepts of energy efficiency and sustainable, local food systems (per the overarching program goals stated above) for future funding considerations. Specifically, outline the next for addressing energy conservation within the Kitsap Food Chain. Summary report identifying potential programs and projects, estimated budgets, and potential funding opportunities available in 2012-2013, and next steps for addressing energy conservation. 4. Compile guide for farmers regarding energy saving equipment choices and business plan development. This guide could include guidance on the following: Comparing equipment based on fuel type, costs, energy usage, etc. How to properly account for energy usage and costs in food system operations How to capture energy costs and evaluate the effectiveness of upgrade projects How to successfully incorporate energy efficiency into new business development or expansion plans When to consider sub-metering This task may also include working with 1-3 energy assessment recipients to put the completed guide into practice before making it available to the community at large. Guide that includes deliverable outlined for this task. SCOPE OF WORK Kitsap County is seeking an experienced and dedicated student to help further the goals of the ARRA funded Food Chain Program, and provide additional research and resources for our food chain community. Specifically, we are looking for a short-term intern to assist us with the following. DESIRED QUALIFICATIONS Bachelor’s degree Interest in local food systems and understanding of food chain organizations and processes Familiarity with local food system Interest in and understanding of common energy efficiency techniques, technologies and practices Strong research, writing and editing skills Experience performing analytical review and developing reports Strong interpersonal and time management skills and attention to detail Extensive experience working with Microsoft Office programs OTHER POSITION RELATED INFORMATION: TIMELINE: This position will remain open until filled with a first review date of July 2, 2012 for applications submitted by July 1st. All work must be completed by September 30, 2012 at the latest. Desired start time is July 2012, and anticipated length of internship is 200-350 hours. Exact start date and hours per week is flexible and will be discussed in more detail prior to hire. While most work could be performed remotely, it will be necessary to visit Port Orchard, WA several times during this internship. In addition, the intern will have complete new hire paperwork and attend an employee orientation in Port Orchard. Please be sure to include the following with your application: Resume Cover letter describing your interest in and qualifications for this internship One-page writing sample Questions regarding the internship may be directed to Autumn Salamack at [email protected] or 360.337.5670.

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