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Are you an aspiring coder with a passion for gaming? If so, keep reading... IGN is looking for the next top coder! Code-Foo is a six-week program where you'll get paid to learn cutting-edge tech and have the opportunity to work on real IGN engineering projects. While you're here you'll be trained by today's industry leaders in a conference-style setting and you'll have time dedicated to work in small teams on real projects. We don't care about your official credentials. In fact, we won't even accept a resume. You do need to be able to code - and be passionate about IGN. We use the right tool for the job which means you'll get the chance to work with Ruby on Rails, Scala, Java, MongoDB, jQuery, PHP, HTML5, and CSS3 - just to name a few. JOIN THE CREW AT http://code.ign.com/foo

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Code-Foo Internship

Code-Foo Internship with IGN Entertainment is no longer available, but don't worry! Here are 5 similar internships at great companies accepting applicants now:

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