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Marketing Communications Intern Title: Marketing Communications Intern Department: Support Location: Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana, Inc. Indianapolis, IN Type: Full_Time Position #: 139364 « Back to Job Listings Description: Indianapolis Metropolitan High School needs at least 430 students enrolled in order for the school to meet its financial obligations. Each year, the school is challenged to attract new students and retain current students. One of the challenges for Indianapolis Met is that there are no other charter schools within a close proximity that serve students in the 8th grade. Because the school doesn’t have a natural relationship with any middle schools in the area, the school can’t fill open spots from a specific group of students but rather has recruit from the broader community to fill the roster by the enrollment deadline. Another significant challenge is the perception and lack of information to the public about charter schools. Highlighting the strengths of Indianapolis Met will help parents better understand that our school is an excellent option for students who will thrive in a smaller school environment with individual attention and benefit from our advanced career and long-term planning. Indianapolis Met needs to adjust its marketing message and make other necessary adjustments in order to compete with voucher options, other charter schools, and public and magnet schools. Goodwill Education Initiatives, and more specifically Indianapolis Met, will benefit from the profile of all relevant sources for efficient and effective strategy formulation, implementation, and continued monitoring for any adjustments. This information is essential and should be a component of GEI’s growth strategy and decision-making process. Responsibilities include: Through the review of the Mayor’s annual accountability reports, phone calls, internet research, community feedback and other tools, the role of the intern will be to lead the process of gathering objective information from magnet and other charter schools to: 1. Compile an analysis summary grid: a. Existing and charter and magnet schools proposed to open by the 2013-14 school year. b. Key success factors in education (largely based on family expectations and accountability guidelines of the mayor’s office and state department of education. c. Detailed profile or analysis of the schools’ academic and extracurricular offerings. 1. Marketing - how the schools reach out and advertise their strengths to families. 2. Facilities – address, proximity to other K-8 schools 3. Corporate Marketing – objectives, mission statements, how they market through press releases, website and other advertising 4. Academic model 2. Prepare an analysis of schools’ strengths and weaknesses (is there a waitlist, what makes them different) 3. Prepare an analysis of the Met’s opportunities and threats based on the competitive data 4. Study enrollment trends for the last 8 years. Compare the numbers of students that the school retained or had to recruit for each year. Gather data about the schools that students are coming from. 5. Provide an objective report of findings with an action plan for the Met Required Experience: • Ability to research and collect data, establish and analyze facts to draw valid conclusions without bias. The ability to provide solutions to identified weaknesses is a plus. • Ability to provide written correspondence for a range of audiences including the board of directors and chief operating officer. • The ability to survey and analyze the results to provide the basis for further research and adjusted strategies. • Planning and organizational skills to execute project objectives in a efficient manner. • Ability to manage multiple project deadlines. • Ability to shift priorities or propose a shift in priorities based on new tasks that are time-sensitive (such as sending press releases or sharing student stories) that will better position the organization. Required Education: Currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree Additional Comments: Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana, Inc. is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer

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Marketing Communications Intern

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