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Searchlight Production Internship - Fall 2012 Los Angeles, CA 90067 To be considered you must be a full-time gradudate student currently enrolled in school. Fox Searchlight Pictures is a filmmaker-oriented company that focuses on distinctive films helmed by world-class auteurs and exciting newcomers. By blending specialty films with trademark art-house fare, Fox Searchlight's leadership has solidified its position in the independent film marketplace. Current projects and tasks that will be assigned to the intern(s): - Reading script submissions and projects and providing feedback; learning to become fluent in development language; brainstorming lists of writers, directors and cast for various projects; participating in research project meetings; script distribution; assisting with administrative duties as needed.Understanding the day-to-day processes by which a studio operates. - Getting a general overview of the industry and the players - Learning to identify strong material - Learning basic development tools (generating coverage, beat sheets, lists, etc.) - Learning basic administrative duties required to become an entry level office assistant (rolling calls, scheduling, travel)

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Fall Paid Graduate Internship

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