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The Marketing departments communicate the value of each network to viewers and the cable community in general. There are various areas within Marketing that contribute to the overall impact of the networks' marketing message. These areas include: Affiliate/Partner Marketing, Consumer Marketing, Integrated Marketing, Music Marketing, and Online Marketing. The Research/Consumer Insights department use focus groups, surveys and other tools to provide qualitative and quantitative support in order to develop an understanding of each network's target audience. Content Distribution & Marketing/Partner Marketing works with the cable and digital operators (cable affiliates) who distribute our channels. Internally we support the Viacom content distribution department which is made up of over 80 people located in four regional offices. Our primary goal is to insure carriage and increase distribution of Viacom channels. We provide cable affiliates with turn key marketing and local ad sales promotions/materials in support of events, programming and pro-social campaigns that can be executed in their local communities. Good for students interested in advertising, marketing and promotion. (all networks) Consumer Marketing - Creates the strategic plans to grow and promote the channel, new show launches, and key initiatives across company including: programming, on-air promotions, promotions marketing, consumer marketing, press, consumer products, online and content distribution. Good for students interested in creative and strategy. (all channels) Digital/Online Marketing - Manages our presence across all online platforms including search engines, social media websites and partner sites.  We help support consumer marketing, online, press, multiplatform programming, CDM, and ad sales initiatives.  The top goal is to drive traffic to the website (specifically to our video franchise) and raise awareness of our online properties. (all channels) Integrated Marketing - Multi-platform approach to marketing. Working closely with programming, the Integrated Marketing develops innovative ways to support production and sales by creating new business and marketing opportunities. These include creating innovative sponsorship opportunities for the channel theme weeks, events, contests and much more. Good for students interested in a multiplatform approach to marketing. (all channels) Research - Examines what viewers are doing, what their actual behavior is while viewing, and focuses on what viewers perceive is happening. The research goes into the depths of what viewers feel about the brand, what viewers say they are doing, how do they feel about what is happening, and what is their goals, trends, hopes, dreams and interest. Also, can focus on quantitative research, more of the numbers side to research (ratings, competitive analysis). Good for students interested in business, marketing and analysis. (all networks and all digital groups) Candidate Eligibility • Geared toward college juniors, seniors, graduate students and law students. • Open during fall, spring and summer semesters. • Students must be registered for an internship for academic credit with their college or university, and must provide official documentation on school letterhead confirming this information upon acceptance of the internship. • Requires a minimum of 10 weeks (no weekends). • Students must be available to work a minimum of two full days per week; some areas may require additional days. • Application dates for resume submissions are rolling. See website for specific details.

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