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Internship Exit Self Evaluation

Brown_arrow_21 Written by Nathan Parcells on Dec 06, 2010

Intern Self Evaluation Form

An exit interview is an excellent way to end an internship on the right foot.  It allows you to give honest feedback to your intern, develop a relationship that can help you transition the student into a hire, and learn more about how to improve your program for the future.  You can ask the intern to take the below self evaluation before your exit interview, so that they have an idea of what the discussion will include, and will be ready for a thoughtful conversation.

1.         Briefly describe what you consider to be your most significant lessons learned during this internship? Please provide specific examples.

2.         What specific projects or assignments were you given during the internship? Please evaluate your experience with each one.

3.         On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being excellent, how would you assess your performance in the following areas throughout the internship? Please provide examples and rationale where appropriate.

  • Research skills (ability to gather relevant information in a systematic manner):
  • Analytical skills (analysis and application in a problem-solving situation):
  • Written communication:
  • Personal organization:
  • Ability to deliver finished, publishable products:
  • Dependability:
4.         Were you were adequate instruction and direction from staff in order to complete your assignments? If not, please suggest some improvements.

5.         How did your internship differ from your expectation (time, office environment, type of work)?

6.         How would you suggest that we improve our internship program in the future?

7.         Would you recommend our internship to others? Why/why not?

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