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Intern Bill Of Rights

Presented By InternMatch

Given that interns have become essential to our economy and society,

Given that internships are now a primary method in which employers hire entry-level employees,

Given that internships are now an essential step for students entering the workforce, with a vast majority completing at least one before graduation,

Given that laws and regulations pertaining to interns are still unclear and often undefined, and

Given that interns still have no industry association, collective bargaining unit, or clear protection to stand behind,

We proclaim this intern bill of rights as a common standard by which all internships should abide, with the goal to improve internships for interns, employers, and society as a whole.


All interns should be provided an offer document, recognizing their role within a company.


All interns deserve fair compensation for their work, usually in the form of wages and sometimes in the form of dedicated training.


The word intern should only be applied to opportunities that involve substantial training, mentoring, and getting to know a line of work.


The hiring of interns should be as transparent and non-discriminatory as the hiring of full-time employees.


All interns are entitled to the same legal protections as all other workers, and should not be subject to discrimination, harassment, or arbitrary dismissal. Under these circumstances, interns should have the same standing in court and the same recourse to the law as all other workers.


While some benefits such as vacation time do not always make sense for interns, interns should be given reasonable benefits that are similar to employees. This includes sick days, over-time, and worker's compensation.


No one should be forced to take an unpaid internship or required to pay in order to work.


All interns should be treated with respect and dignity by coworkers and supervisors.

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