New York MagInterested in having your writing shared in one of New York’s leading publications?

New York Magazine ( is seeking intern diarists for its annual Summer Issue. The goal: to put our readers on the front lines of the intern world. Participants will keep journals during their first week on the job, documenting everything they do and think in a timestamped format: the glamorous, the mundane, the exciting, the harrowing, their interactions with bosses and employees and other interns, the financial ramifications of doing this kind of work, so and so forth. Interns’ willingness to keep an honest, thoughtful diary is of utmost importance to this project’s success.

Please note: Interns, as well as the companies they’re interning for, will remain anonymous, and selected diarists will be compensated for their contribution.

New York Magazine is presently recruiting interns across a variety of fields (tech, fashion, TV/film, finance, law, advertising, non-profit, etc.). The internships can be paid or unpaid, still in college or graduates; it doesn’t matter, so long as they are starting a new NYC-based internship during one of the following three weeks: May 21, May 28, or June 4.

How to participate:

If you are about to start an internship in NYC and interested in learning more about the Intern Diaries project, please email [email protected] with “Intern Diaries” in the subject line. Please include your age, where you go to school and what year you are (or, if graduated, from where and when), where you’ll be interning in NYC this summer and when it begins, and anything else you think may be of interest. No need to submit a resum